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In March of 2017, construction and renovation began on 7124 Tuxedo. The house is set to be completely rehabbed by mid-summer. The upstairs unit will be the residence for the Tuxedo Project Fellow at Marygrove College, and The Tuxedo Project Literary Center will take shape on the first floor. 

Check back here for photo updates. 


The house was abandoned and stripped when the rehab started. No windows or doors, no plumbing or wiring. Extensive damage was done by those who had taken everything of value from inside. 



Cleanup was first, including taking down the dilapidated garage out back. By early spring, the house had been roughed for new plumbing and electricity. 



The house once had fantastic porches on the back and front. It was great to see them take new shape. By late spring, the new windows were also installed.