We are Leveraging the ARTs, education anD economic opportunity to rebuild the neighborhood around Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Henderson's childhood home in Detroit. 



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The Tuxedo Project




The Challenge

What would you do if you found your childhood home abandoned, and blighted?

What if every memory of a loved one were inside the house, trapped in the decay?   

What if the block, the neighborhood and much of the city around the home were also besieged by 50,000 properties sunken by abandonment and decay? 

Would you be inspired to take action? 




The Solution

Stephen Henderson, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and Editorial Page Editor for the Detroit Free Press, faced that challenge in the blighted visage of his childhood home at 7124 Tuxedo, on Detroit's west side.

His answer is The Tuxedo Project, which will transform his childhood home into a writers' residence and literary center, then renovate the 15 other blighted properties on the block, and then address blight all over the neighborhood. The idea is to see how one person's effort in one house can spread to make change in an entire area. 

Henderson's effort has been joined by a major foundation, an important academic institution in the city of Detroit, his classmates from a premier Detroit high school, and more than 100 individual donors.  


One house, one block, one neighborhood at a time.  

That's how we are approaching rebirth in Detroit