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The Tuxedo Project (501c3) is a community-based literary center founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Stephen Henderson on Detroit's west side. The Tuxedo Project's mission is to revitalize the writer's childhood neighborhood on Tuxedo Street by creating space and programming through five pillars of vitality: the Arts, education, food sustainability, housing, and economic opportunity.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Stephen Henderson faced that challenge in the blighted visage of his childhood home on Detroit's west side.

Located at 7122-7124 Tuxedo Street, he created The Tuxedo Project to marry home renovation with literary arts programs to transform the house he called home, other blighted houses on the block, and then the surrounding neighborhood.

One house, one block, one neighborhood at a time. That's how we are approaching rebirth in Detroit. 

The Tuxedo Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization.